Are you getting the financial planning training you really need?

When I was 13 years old my father passed away from bowel cancer. Thankfully he was smart enough to take out life insurance, because without it, life would have been a lot different for me and my seven brothers and sisters. While it didn’t make us millionaires, it did allow us to stay in the […]

Are you doing enough with referral partners?

Throughout my coaching, I often work with clients who have a team of financial planners. Within that team, you will have those that get a massive amount of referrals while others get next to none. What is the difference between them? Are you doing enough with referral partners? Back when I was an adviser, I worked […]

Five ways to grow your team beyond you

As a leader, it can be easy to think your most important role is to increase your organisation’s performance and profit, but the true goal of a leader should be to help your team become more confident and accomplished. So how do you help them to live up to their full potential? Here are five […]

How to increase employee engagement and buy-in to change

Change is inevitable and it happens so frequently in businesses. But when it comes to implementing change in the workplace, employees don’t always look upon it so positively. With fear, habit and uncertainty often getting in the way of implementing change, your plans can often be met with resistance and reduced staff engagement, making it […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#5 Identify Areas for Improvement

Improvement In every business there is always the opportunity to improve somewhere, I bet if you looked at your own business, team or department there would be at least two areas you could work on over the next three, six and twelve months. It could be increase performance amongst the team, leadership and coaching capability or […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#3 Become a Coaching Leader

Coaching Leader When we think of a leader, we often think about the position and the authority that comes with it. We see a leader as the decision maker; the person who delegates tasks and sets the vision, who closes deals and moves others to act. The one who leads the team and ensures the […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #2 Increase Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement This is the second article in the series Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders. As a leader you have control over the direction of your team, business or division but how fast and effectively you get there, is controlled by your individual team members. When engagement and work satisfaction is high, your […]