Goal Setting

successful people

Nine things successful people do after holidays (to get back in the swing of things)

By Kylie Denton / 16/01/2019 /

Coming back to work after holidays is hard, I get it – and I feel it! Gone are the long days relaxing by the pool, or lounging around with friends and family as we escape the usual crazy schedule of our day-to-day lives. But the transition back to work doesn’t need to be too hard…

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conversion rate

Do you know what your True Conversion rate is?

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

Do you know what your TRUE conversion rate is? I often ask this of financial advisers I work with and they usually come back with a confident answer of “I convert 80-90% of my sales meetings”.  But when we plug the real figures into a calculator the reality is, it’s a lot closer to 40-50%…

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Is The Time Spent In Appointments Taking Over Your Days

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

Is the time you are spending in appointments taking over your day?  When you are time poor already, there is nothing more frustrating than spending too long in appointments and not enough time doing more productive activities.   It is a frustration I hear all the time from the financial planners I work with but is a frustration that…

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Time Management Skills

Developing Time Management Skills For Sales People

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

168 hours. That is the amount of time we each have every week. But while the time we have might be equal, how we manage it can differ greatly. How you manage your 168 hours, can determine your level of success. Let’s explore what’s required for developing time management skills for your sales people. I’m…

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Preparing for your client meeting

Preparing for your client meeting

By Kylie Denton / 30/03/2017 /

While we have discussed the importance of frameworks when it comes to sales and service success, it’s important to also focus on the human element on your client meetings. These face-to-face interactions are incredibly valuable to clients and are the key to building lasting relationships. Though in order to have productive and meaningful meetings with…

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Three Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

By Kylie Denton / 09/02/2017 /

In the financial services industry, I find clients want two things each year – more money and more time off – the very things you work so hard to achieve for your clients. While the first part of the year starts out well, by February many of them have fallen into their usual work habits…

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grow your team

Five ways to grow your team beyond you

By Kylie Denton / 25/08/2016 /

As a leader, it can be easy to think your most important role is to increase your organisation’s performance and profit, but the true goal of a leader should be to help your team become more confident and accomplished. So how do you help them to live up to their full potential? Here are five…

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Find Your Why

Four questions to help you find your ‘why’

By Kylie Denton / 23/04/2016 /

“He who has a why can endure any how.” – Frederick Nietzsche Most companies can answer the question “What do you do?” with ease, but it becomes a lot more difficult when asked, “Why?” Think about it, if someone were to ask you right now why you do what you do, would you be able…

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leadership challenges

Top four leadership challenges and how to overcome them

By Kylie Denton / 30/09/2015 /

Despite how different our businesses and teams can be, as leaders we can experience similar challenges that can impact our ability to lead effectively. From establishing direction and meeting targets to managing team members and customers, each day can bring with it a unique set of challenges. At times, these challenges can be overwhelming, and…

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