Are you doing enough with referral partners?

Throughout my coaching, I often work with clients who have a team of financial planners. Within that team, you will have those that get a massive amount of referrals while others get next to none. What is the difference between them? Are you doing enough with referral partners? Back when I was an adviser, I worked […]

Are you missing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell

Are you missing opportunities by not having a more meaningful conversation with your clients? When faced with the pressure to increase sales it can be easy to focus on generating new business and miss the opportunities to have a deeper more meaningful conversation with your clients and uncover more needs. Upsell and cross-sell should be […]

Introduction to our Online Advice Framework

How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve sent my usual newsletter. There is a good reason though I promise…but before I get to that let me share with you something I don’t often tell people. When I was 13 years old, my father passed away. Being one of seven children, our family could […]

Are you losing business by not having a sales framework?

I have been designing and embedding sales frameworks in Financial Services for the last five years, and I have learnt that regardless of the industry you are in; sales is an essential part of any business. Everyone on your team needs to be able to sell, but as you are probably well aware, not everyone […]

How to overcome your team’s excuses

As a leader, you are bound to experience team members making excuses about why they can’t, won’t or didn’t do something they were asked or expected to do. While excuses every so often can be understandable – expected even, when they are regularly given you need to act. Here are four ways you can overcome […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#5 Identify Areas for Improvement

In every business there is always the opportunity to improve somewhere, I bet if you looked at your own business, team or department there would be at least two areas you could work on over the next three, six and twelve months. It could be increase performance amongst the team, leadership and coaching capability or training. […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#4 Getting Clear on Your Vision & Goals

So often in business we talk about the importance of having a vision and clear goals. While the benefits are obvious, when business gets busy, it can be easy to loose sight of the bigger picture and focus on your ever-growing daily to-do list. Not having clear goals and planning ahead can have serious consequences […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#3 Become a Coaching Leader

When we think of a leader, we often think about the position and the authority that comes with it. We see a leader as the decision maker; the person who delegates tasks and sets the vision, who closes deals and moves others to act. The one who leads the team and ensures the team follows. […]

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #2 Increase Staff Engagement

This is the second article in the series Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders. As a leader you have control over the direction of your team, business or division but how fast and effectively you get there, is controlled by your individual team members. When engagement and work satisfaction is high, your productivity, performance […]

Why you need to manage your tasks not your time

Time is your most valuable commodity. There will only ever be 24 hours in your day and once it is spent it can never be returned. But as important as time is, if you want to be truly productive it is not your time that you should be managing so closely, it is your tasks. […]

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