Are you getting the financial planning training you really need?

When I was 13 years old my father passed away from bowel cancer. Thankfully he was smart enough to take out life insurance, because without it, life would have been a lot different for me and my seven brothers and sisters. While it didn’t make us millionaires, it did allow us to stay in the […]

Are you doing enough with referral partners?

Throughout my coaching, I often work with clients who have a team of financial planners. Within that team, you will have those that get a massive amount of referrals while others get next to none. What is the difference between them? Are you doing enough with referral partners? Back when I was an adviser, I worked […]

Why Increasing Emotional Intelligence Increases Sales

You may have thought that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a new buzz word, however it’s been around since the early 90’s. Research has shown since the 1990’s that EI is far more important than IQ when it comes to future success. Dr Howard Gardner the influential Harvard theorist defines your EI as “the level of […]

How to identify if a sales framework is needed in your business

Last month I talked about how a sales framework can help you build trust, understand the goals and objectives of your clients, increase conversions and boost performance and accountability within your team. A service framework can in many ways do the same with the additional benefits of organisational efficiency, staff satisfaction and client retention.   […]

Five ways to grow your team beyond you

As a leader, it can be easy to think your most important role is to increase your organisation’s performance and profit, but the true goal of a leader should be to help your team become more confident and accomplished. So how do you help them to live up to their full potential? Here are five […]

How to effectively address conflict within your team

When different personalities, generations, genders and cultures work together on a daily basis with different viewpoints, priorities and communication methods, conflict is inevitable. So how do you prepare, manage and solve conflict effectively in the workplace? Here are my top tips for addressing conflict within your team. 1. Acknowledge the conflict The first step in […]

How to know when to intervene as a leader

When problems and issues arise within your business, they can have the ability to dramatically affect the productivity performance and profitability of your organisation. But as a leader, not all situations need your attention. In fact, it can be far better for your team, culture and business if you don’t intervene or micro-manage every individual […]

Feedback can often be met with resistance; here are seven ways to turn it around

There is no question the word “feedback” can stir up feelings of uncertainty, fear and negativity in the workplace. You can even be met with resistance as some team members who have had bad experiences in the past prepare to be criticised or rejected for something they may or may not have said or done. […]

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