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successful selling

The eight keys to successful selling

By Kylie Denton / 04/04/2019 /

Sales is, by far, one of the most essential activities in business. A quick Google search will reveal millions of articles on how to become better at sales and while many will promise the “secrets” of sales or the one strategy that will boost your conversions, the truth is, it comes down to consistency, the…

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Five tips for running a successful sales meeting

By Kylie Denton / 18/02/2019 /

I know people don’t like to admit they are in sales, but the truth is we all are somehow. If we aren’t selling the benefits of a product and service to our clients and explaining how it meets their needs, we are selling ourselves as the expert they can trust. Most people resist the label…

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Six questions to create your value proposition for 2019

By Kylie Denton / 08/12/2018 /

This week I had the honour of presenting at the Elder’s Conference in South Australia where I spoke on the importance of sharing your value proposition with prospects and clients. I truly believe we are very fortunate in the financial services industry. The value we provide our clients as a financial advisor, broker or agent…

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How To Coach To KPIs

How To Coach To KPIs

By Kylie Denton / 26/10/2018 /

For the last few weeks one area of focus for me has been working with leaders around coaching around performance, it just seems to be that time of the year! As you may have found from personal experience, many performance conversations can be challenging and downright awkward and uncomfortable. But the right way to look…

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upsell and cross-sell

Are you missing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell

By Kylie Denton / 18/06/2018 /

Are you missing opportunities by not having a more meaningful conversation with your clients? When faced with the pressure to increase sales it can be easy to focus on generating new business and miss the opportunities to have a deeper more meaningful conversation with your clients and uncover more needs. Upsell and cross-sell should be…

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Is trust more important than value?

By Kylie Denton / 23/05/2018 /

Is trust more important than value? As you are well aware, the royal commission has put our industry under the microscope. As a result, our conversations with clients are going to get harder, and that’s a challenge all advisers need to be prepared for. In my business, I often find that financial planners believe that…

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Preparing for your client meeting

Preparing for your client meeting

By Kylie Denton / 30/03/2017 /

While we have discussed the importance of frameworks when it comes to sales and service success, it’s important to also focus on the human element on your client meetings. These face-to-face interactions are incredibly valuable to clients and are the key to building lasting relationships. Though in order to have productive and meaningful meetings with…

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Staff Engagement

Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #2 Increase Staff Engagement

By Kylie Denton / 04/06/2015 /

Staff Engagement This is the second article in the series Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders. As a leader you have control over the direction of your team, business or division but how fast and effectively you get there, is controlled by your individual team members. When engagement and work satisfaction is high, your…

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boost your energy levels

Seven tips to boost your energy levels in busy times

By Kylie Denton / 11/03/2015 /

With late nights, early mornings, tight deadlines and the need to always push yourself to work harder and grow your business or career faster, you can end up overworked, drained and sometimes even lose the passion you have for your work. While we can’t always eliminate the stresses and pressures of life, we can find…

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Four easy steps to set goals you’re motivated to achieve

By Kylie Denton / 09/02/2015 /

If you are like most people your year starts off with the best of intentions. You’re all fired up from the break and ready to make big changes to both yourself and to your work.

But then the phone calls and emails start coming in, and the meetings, tight deadlines and business as usual activities that keep you running, distract you from your bigger vision and goals. Before you know February is here, and you’re no closer to achieving your goals. Sound familiar?

So what makes some business people more successful and committed to their goals and how can you be more like them? Here are four easy steps to set goals you’re motivated to achieve.

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