Five Ways To Energise Your Team

Have you ever walked into an office and felt the energy of a team that are happy, passionate and collaborative? It feels different, looks different and sounds different. You just want to stay there and have whatever they are having!

In my last blog I talked about how to increase your energy this blog is all about increasing the energy of your team and those around you. When energy is high in the workplace, it has a contagious effect, creating a more positive, productive and profitable work environment.

Just think about it, where would you like to work? Energised of course!

So why wouldn’t you want that for your team too? To help you achieve this here are five ways to energise your team.

1. Lead by example

Have you ever had the pleasure of speaking with someone who is energetic and passionate about what they do? You just can’t help but get excited along with them when they talk about it.

This is what you want to create for your team. Nothing inspires and motivates people more than an energised, passionate leader. Make sure you are putting out the same energy level that you want your team members to respond with.

Not sure where to start? You might want to have a read my blog post seven tips to boost your energy levels in busy times.

2. Provide meaning and purpose

People want to know that they are making a difference in the world. That through their work, no matter how small or irrelevant a task may seem to them, that they are serving a greater purpose.

To energise and inspire your team identify your “why” and share it with your team. As Keith Abraham says, when the “Why’s” become clear the “How’s” become easy. Give your team purpose and watch their energy and enthusiasm increase.

3. Give your team a sense of ownership

If you really want to energise your team give them a sense of ownership over their work and results. Instead of micromanaging, allow team members the opportunity and freedom to give suggestions for improvement, performance or advancement – empower them.

Not only will it help team members feel more valued, you will also have the benefits of identifying future leaders and increasing their performance.

4. Be genuinely interested in each team member

Just as you would provide personalised service to customers, offer personalised service to your team. Instead of seeing them as just a part of a group, get to know them individually. What makes them tick, what motivates them, how can you be a part of that.

By doing so you will get a deeper understanding of what excites and interests them and what stresses and depletes them. This insight will help you energise your team by playing into their strengths and uncover some very specific ways you can show your team how valued they are.

5. Coach, Coach and Coach

I’m a passionate believer in coaching, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, develop and grow. As a leader we should always be looking for opportunities to allow our people to grow to their full potential.

Research has consistently shown that employees with opportunities for growth are happier, more productive and more loyal to leaders and employers. Coaching motivates team members to excel, be the best they can be and bring out the best in them.

How do you energise your team?

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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