Improve the client experience.

Whether you’re a Financial Planner, the Owner of a Financial Planning Practice, a key Leader within a Dealer Group or a large Corporate– we work with your Financial Planners to create a unique and specific ‘Sales & Service Framework’ for all interactions with clients, that vastly improves customer experience and lifts sales.

As your Financial Planners take clients through the process of identifying needs, to making the sale, to delivering a customer experience, they do so in a new way that works better for all – the client first, the Planner and of course, for you as the Practice owner.

We do that by developing ‘soft skills’ in rapport, building trust, effective communication, education and sales all within the foundation of our unique tried and tested Sales & Service Framework

In that process we:

  • Improve the client experience.
  • Identify the right fit and better educate the client so they leave their first meeting ‘crystal clear’ verses ‘foggy and overloaded’.
  • Increase time and productivity with your planners in their appointments because our Framework and their training is so robust, effective and crystal clear.
  • Increase conversion rates per Planner which will help grows your practice, your upfront and ongoing revenues and ultimately … profits.
  • Help to reduce compliance risk by having a more robust conversation
  • Drive referrals from clients into your Planners & Practice.
  • Build your brand.

To find out more and discover the various options available to you and your Practice or Dealer Group, as well as our typical results and ROI for our clients, simply contact us to book your complimentary and invaluable ‘Consultation & Needs Analysis’ today.

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