Access a proven framework that has transformed businesses and careers in financial services time and time again.

proven sales and service frameworkProven Sales And Service Framework

Of course, this Sales & Service Framework is tried and tested over years and years of ‘in the trenches’ client facing work, testing it, perfecting it ourselves first, then with other Planners.

Given our experience, we know what works and doesn’t work in financial services. This framework has been used successfully by over 200 Financial Advisers (and counting) in companies as large as Suncorp, as well as smaller consultancies and boutiques.

Structured Processes & Tools Building Trust & Rapport

This Sales & Service Framework gives business owners like you, Dealer Group leadership and Financial Planners the confidence, tools and structured processes they need to build trust and rapport with clients, conduct productive client interviews, close sales and ensure the consistency of materials presented to their clients while helping to reducing compliance risk all in a more efficient and effective way.

Now you can benefit from all that effort and experience to achieve better results far sooner frankly, than any other training. (And yes, we can and do say that confidently.)

Specifically, our techniques provide a competitive advantage and drive results in the following areas:

  • An increased number of leads per week and per month, a key driver to success
  • Increased referrals to your firm and,
  • Increased active (vs passive) referral partners
  • Increased conversions and therefore, higher sales revenues
  • An improved client experience, driving greater understanding and clarity on the client’s part and reducing the need and time for additional follow-ups and call backs immediately saving Planner’s time drastically
  • While it sounds counter-intuitive – at the same time, reducing the length of appointment times (meaning you can do more appointments in the same time-frame) and reducing costs to serve
  • Greater engagement by your team with your business goals, client service standards and follow through
  • Increased professionalism and Planner confidence to set and reach strong targets and KPI’s and, actually hit those marks!
  • Decreasing risk and compliance exposure, protecting you, your business and livelihood
  • Driving your brand via positive feedback which in turn correlates directly to revenue growth over time
  • Overall, increased cash flow, profits and strength.

While we say every Group and Practice is different, the drivers are the same.

We work with committed companies to quite literally move the needle on each of these key drivers in your business.

Needs Analysis

To find out more and discover the various options available to you and your Practice or Dealer Group, as well as our typical results and ROI for our clients, simply contact us to book your complimentary and invaluable ‘Consultation & Needs Analysis’ today.

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