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How To Coach To KPIs

How To Coach To KPIs

For the last few weeks one area of focus for me has been working with leaders around coaching around performance, it just seems to be that time of the year! As you may have found from personal experience, many performance conversations can be challenging and downright awkward and uncomfortable. But the right way to look…

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Are The Questions You’re Asking Stopping You?

Asking Questions

Are the questions you’re asking – or not asking – stopping you from uncovering more client needs? I get to observe Financial Planners conduct interviews each week and find the questions you ask clients not only tell you a lot about them, but they also tell your client a lot about you. I always find it…

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Three Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

In the financial services industry, I find clients want two things each year – more money and more time off – the very things you work so hard to achieve for your clients. While the first part of the year starts out well, by February many of them have fallen into their usual work habits…

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Four tips to help you get to know your team

get to know your team

I have seen many leaders become so focused on achieving their goal that they forget to consider who they are leading – and the best way to lead them. With the facts, figures and deadlines we use for planning and decision making keeping us focused on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ we do things on…

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Four ways to become the leader your team need and want


It’s hard to lead a team when none of them want to follow you, yet for many leaders this is exactly what they try to do. Wrapped up in the authority of their position they forget that a leadership position is one of serving others. I always remember the quote by Jack Welch “Before you…

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Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #1 Developing Leadership Style

Leadership Style

Leadership Style As a leader you have enormous impact in your organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you manage two or 2,000 staff, your actions, decisions and leadership style can directly impact the productivity, profitability and performance of your team and business. While being a leader can be an incredibly rewarding it can also be overwhelming,…

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