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Developing Time Management Skills For Sales People

Time Management Skills

168 hours. That is the amount of time we each have every week. But while the time we have might be equal, how we manage it can differ greatly. How you manage your 168 hours, can determine your level of success. Let’s explore what’s required for developing time management skills for your sales people. I’m…

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Three Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

In the financial services industry, I find clients want two things each year – more money and more time off – the very things you work so hard to achieve for your clients. While the first part of the year starts out well, by February many of them have fallen into their usual work habits…

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Why you need to manage your tasks not your time

Manage your tasks

Time is your most valuable commodity. There will only ever be 24 hours in your day and once it is spent it can never be returned. But as important as time is, if you want to be truly productive it is not your time that you should be managing so closely, it is your tasks.…

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Five tips to help you prioritise your work

When you’re faced with an ever growing to-do list, learning to prioritise your tasks is vital, not only for your productivity but for your own sanity and wellbeing. But with every task appearing urgent, how do you prioritise so that you make the most out of every day?

To help you I thought I would share how I prioritise my to-do list to ensure my time is spent as productively and profitably as possible.

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Four ways to create more accountability in your team

Lately a lot of my work has been with leaders and businesses around accountability. We often blame our staff for not doing the tasks we have set them or the tasks they have set themselves, but as leaders we also need to reflect on our own behaviour. Accountability is a two way street. While creating…

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Seven tips to boost your energy levels in busy times

boost your energy levels

With late nights, early mornings, tight deadlines and the need to always push yourself to work harder and grow your business or career faster, you can end up overworked, drained and sometimes even lose the passion you have for your work. While we can’t always eliminate the stresses and pressures of life, we can find…

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