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Five ways to boost team morale

team morale

Your team are your greatest asset. You know it, I know it – but do they know it? Richard Branson says “A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product” . Their good work and loyalty can fail to get the appreciation and recognition it deserves and instead your team hear…

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How to overcome your team’s excuses

overcome teams excuses

As a leader, you are bound to experience team members making excuses about why they can’t, won’t or didn’t do something they were asked or expected to do. While excuses every so often can be understandable – expected even, when they are regularly given you need to act. Here are four ways you can overcome…

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Five ways to grow your team beyond you

grow your team

As a leader, it can be easy to think your most important role is to increase your organisation’s performance and profit, but the true goal of a leader should be to help your team become more confident and accomplished. So how do you help them to live up to their full potential? Here are five…

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How to effectively address conflict within your team

effectively address conflict

When different personalities, generations, genders and cultures work together on a daily basis with different viewpoints, priorities and communication methods, conflict is inevitable. So how do you prepare, manage and solve conflict effectively in the workplace? Here are my top tips for addressing conflict within your team. 1. Acknowledge the conflict The first step in…

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Four tips to help you get to know your team

get to know your team

I have seen many leaders become so focused on achieving their goal that they forget to consider who they are leading – and the best way to lead them. With the facts, figures and deadlines we use for planning and decision making keeping us focused on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ we do things on…

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Four ways to create a culture of responsibility in your team


Responsibility Despite coaching many different businesses at many different stages of operation, there is one question that stays the same, “How do I get my team to be more responsible?” It can be tempting to point the finger at the team here, and I’ll admit I normally get a list of why certain team members…

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Five ways to become a respected leader

become a respected leader

While your title as a leader can give you power and prestige, it is how you choose to lead that can determine how much respect you gain from your team and others. Here are five ways to become a respected leader that everyone looks up to. 1. Take the focus off you I’m sure you’ve…

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Top four leadership challenges and how to overcome them

leadership challenges

Despite how different our businesses and teams can be, as leaders we can experience similar challenges that can impact our ability to lead effectively. From establishing direction and meeting targets to managing team members and customers, each day can bring with it a unique set of challenges. At times, these challenges can be overwhelming, and…

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