The 5-Step Method To Becoming an Inspirational Leader

I have spent the majority of my career in the corporate space, and during that time, I have seen everything from ordinary leaders through to great leaders. I now specialise in working with senior leaders and their teams in financial services. It is my passion to develop leaders to feel inspired, empowered, get results and make a difference.

Over the years, I have developed a 5-step method that I use to help people become inspirational leaders. The 5-steps include discovery, leadership, sales and service, tools, and embedding change. When I take clients through the 5-step method, they emerge from the process as stronger, more effective leaders.

My mentor once told me, “There are literally thousands of books on business leadership and how to be a great leader, but knowing the qualities of a good leader doesn’t result in you being a good leader.” My experience has taught me that this is true. Often, the guidance of a coach or mentor is the difference between knowledge and effective implementation.

In this article, I’m going to reveal my 5-step method and explain the important role each stage plays in transformational leadership.

Step 1: Discovery

During the Discovery stage, we set goals and determine what success looks like to you as a leader. We need to clearly understand your purpose and get alignment on what we want to achieve throughout the process.

While good leaders need to be well-rounded individuals, you aren’t expected to be an expert in each and every area. While admitting your weaknesses and any gaps in your knowledge may seem daunting, it is hugely beneficial.

This step also involves a period of reflection. It’s important to look at where you are right now, how you currently operate, and how strengths and weaknesses are playing a role in your performance. This allows us to formulate a plan that will help you become an inspirational leader.

Throughout this step, we will analyse your leadership capabilities and diagnose any gaps in your skillset. It’s important to practice self-awareness and be as transparent as possible. As Brene Brown says, “be vulnerable.” Your vulnerability is a strength, as it will allow us to paint an accurate picture of the leader you are today and the leader you wish to become.

Step 2: Leadership

Leadership is about engaging, inspiring, coaching and empowering staff. What do you need to do to be that leader?  What actions do you need to take to become that leader? And are you equipped with the tools you need to succeed?

As a leader, these are questions that you need to consider. You have a great responsibility to your organisation and the potential to make an enormous impact. It doesn’t matter whether you are managing two staff or 200 staff, your actions, decisions, communication, and leadership can impact the productivity and profitability of your team and business.

An inspirational leader is someone who can influence, change minds, shape opinions, develop contacts, close deals and inspire others to act. Your role in this step is to empower your team so they can help you move towards actualising your vision.

Step 3: Sales & Service

I don’t know many leaders that don’t have a sales or service measure on their remit. In Step 3, we need to analyse the current systems and processes to identify what’s missing. Understanding and working with leaders in this area is key.

We need to look at what is lacking or missing in each division so we can identify gaps and formulate strategies and frameworks that address those shortcomings. We also need to determine whether there are any ‘people’ gaps. These can include skill gaps or will gaps, or a lack of manuals and frameworks. Our goal throughout this step is to fill the gaps so that your team has the ability to deliver on their sales and service responsibilities.

Step 4: Equip Your Team With The Right Tools

Next, you need to identify the tools, processes, and frameworks that your people require in order to perform their role effectively. While you may have the best team in place, unless you can equip them with the right tools to do their job, they are always going to fall short.

Again, it’s important to be a good listener and concentrate on what your team is saying. They will tell you what they need to perform their job to the highest level. While cutting corners and keeping costs down may seem like a good option, inspirational leaders always prioritise team success and provide them with the tools and training they need to be successful. 

Throughout this step, we will determine what resources can be leveraged, so that your team is empowered to excel in their role. If there are any gaps, we will help you design and implement frameworks that support your team.

Step 5: Embed Change

Do you know how to make change happen? More importantly, do you know how to embed change? While most people seem to know what they need to do, why they need to do it, and who needs to carry it out, they often struggle with the how.

Many businesses implement change, but they fail to see things through to the point where behaviour is embedded. You need to monitor and manage your team through the process until the new behaviour becomes second-nature. Only then will long-lasting change occur.

At Performance Advisory Group we are known for our ability to design, develop, deliver, and embed change within teams. Our experience with leadership teams has taught us that this is often when senior leaders slip up. All your hard work will be undone if you don’t stick with the project until change is embedded.

If you don’t know what you are doing or have the wrong people around you, it can cost you a lot of time and money while inflicting damage to your brand. Your team, staff, and customers need you to be an inspirational leader. They need you to lead the way, engaging, inspiring, and empowering your organisation into a new and improved way of doing business.

At Performance Advisory Group we are experts in working with established financial service companies to lead higher performing sales teams to get great results… but importantly make a difference to their valued clients.

We are recognised as the company that knows how to embed behaviour change and get results. 

To overcome our challenges, all that is required is the courage to ask for help. Call us today on 0409 129 723 for a confidential and obligation-free chat about how we can help you improve your leadership and achieve more success.

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