The 7 Consequences to Poorly Managed Change

I made a commitment to my business that I would run a FREE virtual and live workshop weekly on a leadership topic that I know leaders need support in one of those topics is “Leading Change”. 

Change is never easy, but poorly managed change can be extremely costly to a business in a multitude of ways.  

Every time a change fails, your employees lose a little trust in the process and become resistant to further attempts to change.  

As a leader, your ability to implement and manage change can often make or break your business or career. 

When change doesn’t consider the people side of things it can have a truly damaging effect.  

Here are just a few things that can go wrong when we ignore the people side of change:  

  • Productivity declines on a larger scale for a longer duration than necessary.  
  • Managers are unwilling to devote time or resources needed to support the change.  
  • Suppliers begin to feel the impact and see the disruption caused by change.  
  • Customers feel negative impacts of a change that should have been invisible to them.  
  •  Employee morale suffers and divisions between “us” and “them” begin to emerge.  
  •  Stress, confusion and fatigue increase.  
  • Valued employees leave the organisation. 

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This is effectively the same as putting a bandaid over a soaker hose and watching the same problem crop up time and time again. They get a trainer  in, teach them how to sell.  A lot of money is spent training the team, yet the results aren’t coming in. That’s because training is only half the job. While staff have been trained on how to sell, the customer’s experience still hasn’t been addressed.

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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