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We empower leaders and teams to achieve game-changing growth and success.  Our mission is to develop exceptional leadership, unlock potential, and drive meaningful change.

We specialise in working with senior leaders to develop high performing teams who get results.


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Kylie Denton | Leadership Specialist, Professional Coach, Sales Expert and Bestselling Author

Kylie Denton is a highly experienced leadership consultant, professionally certified coach, a bestselling author, and speaker specialising in leadership and sales.

With over 30 years’ experience in leadership and formal qualifications in psychology, she has a proven track record in building confident leaders and successful teams. Kylie works with established companies to improve the productivity and performance of leaders and their teams.

Kylie delivers high-energy keynote presentations and workshops throughout North America, Europe and Australasia that inspire her audience to become better in a world that desperately needs strong leadership.

Kylie has inspired people throughout the Financial Services, Health, Education, Government Industries and has worked across large and small organisations in both public and private sectors including blue chip companies like Suncorp, NAB, QSuper, Blue Care, Griffith University, RACQ and Brighter Super.

Develop, Inspire, Empower

Many leaders lack the tools and skills to effectively lead a team. They may excel in their technical roles, but without proper training and resources, they struggle to navigate the challenges of leading people. The biggest challenge for these leaders is how to lead in a productive, engaging, and inspiring way. Without the right tools and skills, leaders may act in ways that don’t inspire and drive performance, not because they mean to but because they don't know any other way.

At Performance Advisory Group we call this LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE.

How We Can Help


Leadership Development

Performance Advisory Group empowers leaders to enhance their leadership and people management skills. Our programs foster confidence, enabling leaders to engage and inspire their teams, resulting in improved engagement and productivity. Combining theoretical teachings with practical applications, our curriculum equips participants to effectively handle staff issues and cultivate a positive work culture.



Coaching provides the space for leaders to hit the pause button, reassess, make decisions, commit to new action and move forward with clarity, to navigate the uncertainty and feel confident in their direction.

Coaching boosts confidence, improves work performance, and builds effective consistent behaviours that get results.


Keynote Speaking

Kylie energises audiences virtually or in person across North America, Europe, and Australasia through dynamic keynote presentations and workshops.  Her impactful sessions inspires individuals in the financial services, health, education and government sections to enhance their leadership skills in a world craving strong and effective leadership.


Strategy Development Workshops

Strategy Development Workshops help businesses define their strategic vision and create action plans to achieve it. These workshops focus on measurable outcomes and equip leadership teams with the skills to identify opportunities for growth through effective strategic and operational planning.

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If you're sick of being pulled from pillar to post every day, frustrated by under performing team members, or struggling with low confidence or imposter syndrome then this new leadership masterclass training is for you.  I'll share the 3 most common warning signs and 3 simple fixes and a step by step plan to help you become more confident, trusted and respected leader who delivers results.



"Kylie certainly is able to tailor the experience for each individual, whether you are an experienced leader or just starting out. I am constantly surprised at how often I implement her frameworks and it has made a difference in the team productivity and culture! Thank you Kylie!"

Fiona Mann

Head of Listed Equities & ESG


"Kylie is an incredibly valuable Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Kylie's depth and breadth of experience in financial services and have had the pleasure of working closely with her to develop programs for my team."

Michael McKenna

General Manager


"Far from being a generic "off the shelf" product, Kylie developed for us a bespoke program that catered to the different roles and personality types within our business - covering front of house right through to the Leadership Team and Business Owners."

Mick Doyle

General Manager

Creating Impact Together: Giving Back through Leadership Development

Our company believes in the power of giving. With every enrollment in our leadership development program, we contribute a portion of the program revenue to B1G1, a company committed to creating meaningful change. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Bestselling books on leadership and sales

As an authority in leadership and sales, I’ve written bestselling books on leadership and sales. Created for senior leaders and high-end sales professionals, these books will help you discover exclusive strategies, powerful insights and industry tips and tricks that will unlock your hidden potential, and allow you to stand out and make a difference.

Kindle: $6.94 | Paperback: $21.09

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Kindle: $11.99 | Paperback: $27.09

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