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Michael Mckenna

General Manager Customer Service Uniting Care Queensland

Kylie is an incredibly valuable Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Kylie's depth and breath of experience in financial services, and have had the pleasure of working closely with her to develop programs for my team.

Kylie's leadership capability uplift, sales and service training and her soft skills development programs are highly recommended and have made a definite positive impact. Most importantly, I value her honesty, her integrity and her ability to work across all levels with my team.

Ben Marshall

Financial Advisor

Kylie’s Advice Framework has been an excellent learning experience and has proven to be a valuable resource that I can draw on to improve the overall client experience. Not only have my appointment conversion rates significantly improved, I am having much deeper and relevant conversations with clients.

I feel as though I am a better adviser as a result of the whole experience. While we provide advice  day in, day out, I feel that they all have plenty to learn and work on to better serve our clients. Kylie’s Advice Framework is an excellent experience that I can recommend to assist with this.

Lisa Kay

General Manager - Member Services and People

Kylie came into our business like a breath of fresh air and helped us to build a consistent approach to our advice conversation.  The framework used is practical and came with on-line learning to assist those that needed to see the practical application many times.

Kylie is a master coach and is able to drill into the essence of a coaching issue to help bring out the best in our people.  She is a delight to work with and relentless in her approach to helping others achieve great outcomes for members.  I would thoroughly recommend her to any Advice business and would welcome her back any time.

Adele Fisk

Associate Adviser (Financial Advisor)

I found Kylie’s group sessions with our Comprehensive Advisers informative and educational as it gave me an opportunity to step away from my role as a Phone Adviser and experience the skill set that Comprehensive Adviser’s use in their roles.

The framework also helped me to identify clients additional needs by digging deeper with questioning techniques and also setting the scene better for the appointment.

This gave my clients had a solid expectation of how the appointment would flow plus the time involved.  Thanks for all your time and help Kylie!

Laurence Smith

Financial Advisor

Thank you Kylie for the input you have had in helping me to refine my meeting and back-of-house process. With so much change I have found that consistently applying a structure to my meetings allows me to make the most of my time both with my clients and when back at my desk. I am getting positive results from my clients in terms of feedback, engagement, and commitment.

Dane Beauchamp

Financial Advisor Sycon Wealth

Thank you, Kylie, for your time last Monday. We often go to many sessions and don't take too much away from them. This was not the case with you and I can’t wait until your next one.

Brendan O’Rourke

Elders Financial Planning Geelong

I recently decided it was time to look at how I interacted with current and prospective clients. I had previously met Kylie Denton from Performance Advisory Group at a Conference and was impressed with her professional and down to earth presentations.

Kylie can assist in a number of areas, but my interest was in a program that really dials down into the adviser/client relationship, challenging your interview techniques and allowing you to start thinking from a client’s perspective. Not what I can provide them with, but what do they really want and need to achieve financial success and peace of mind.

After completing the program, I am now able to conduct client interviews with a personable and investigative approach. It allows me to extract from the client what they really want to achieve in life and how they would like me to assist them.   I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie as she will enhance your interview techniques and in my case, teach an old dog new tricks.  Keep up the good work Kylie.

Ben Waisavu

Financial Advisor - Team Leader

Successful advisers and advisory businesses have one thing in common – robust structured advice delivery frameworks. During Kylie’s tenure with our business she imparted valuable coaching techniques, industry knowledge and a well-crafted advice framework that will assist our advisers to increase productivity, efficiency and awareness in their respective roles.

Leaders  in our advice business also benefited greatly from the “coach the coach”  sessions held regularly with Kylie. Our business has benefited greatly from Kylie’s counsel and I highly recommend her to any advisory business large or small.

Flavia Formica

Executive and Leadership Coach

I have the utmost respect for Kylie Denton. Having worked together as Organisational Coaches for over 2 years I have observed her passion, work ethic and unfailing commitment to her Group clients Kylie is an accomplished Facilitator and Coach, she brings warmth, energy and humour to her work, as well as a genuine desire to attain measurable, real results that make a difference.

Bill Justo

Practice Development Manager  - Advice

We now know we have a process that is consistently applied by all Advisers, giving great comfort for compliance. Those Advisers feel satisfaction with their roles, and we know from client feedback that they are very happy with the experience as well.

Colin Morley

Practice Development Manager – Advice

In response to some identified concerns, a previous group I was involved with had launched a new Advice Process with the help of another Consultant.  While the process launched was fundamentally sound, the launch itself had resulted in confusion and negativity.  With Kylie’s help, we further refined the process, effectively ensured it was a robust framework and re-launched it with resulted and sustainable success.

My one on one dealings with Kylie Denton, Director of Performance Advisory Group, concerned a further program where she was tasked with "Coaching the Coaches”.  I found her an articulate and challenging Coach, able to cut through diversions to ensure quality and consistent Coaching by the Coaches - i.e. our internal leadership to and with our Financial Advisers.

Glenn Browne

Head of Advice

No change in activity over the course of 3-years had as much impact as the embedding of this framework and its ongoing embedment.”

“We commenced this process with a few key business objectives, namely to drive efficiency within our Advice teams and gain consistency in our Advice process, leading to improved member experience.

Both of these were achieved in spades, but it was the follow-on benefits of practitioner satisfaction and retention; increase in ongoing service clients and overall cost to serve reductions that made this really impactful.

Neale Spencer


Kylie formulated & delivered coaching to our advisers which delivered outstanding results financially and were embraced enthusiastically by them

Maree Jurgensen

Financial Advisor

It’s not often you find someone who truly believes in your vision and what you need to do to achieve a result. I found Kylie one of those people.

I looked forward to Kylie’s visits, as I knew when she left my office, I would feel energised again ready to meet and exceed my targets.

Louisa Chamberlain

Risk Insurance Adviser, QT Financial Planning

I would highly recommend Kylie’s skills if you are seeking to develop and grow your business, to create change or just to work more efficiently and productively to achieve the results you are seeking.

Jeni Napper

Financial Planner

Kylie’s knowledge and understanding of the Financial Services Industry is second to none, and the coaching techniques, trips and traps and knowledge she imparted were of great benefit.

Talia Nienkemper

Client Service Manager

I just wanted to personally thank you for yesterday, I got so much out of the session and was even able to apply it to a conversation I had with a distressed client today.

I am not an Adviser myself, my role is a Client Service Manager however I could really relate to the information you provided. I loved the 'so what' this makes you question what are the benefits of being our client and what value do we actually give clients.

It made me realise what we do for people is important and valuable and that it is not just the adviser it is every member of the RFS team that contributes to the client's overall experience and the support and guidance we provide.

I 100% believe that if we make more effort in our initial meetings and interaction with clients to connect on an emotional level we will have more success and engagement with our clients.

In my role I am often the one communicating with clients on a regular basis.  Your session made me think about the value in this but also made me think of how I could personalise this a bit more and relate it to the client.

So thank you once again.

Belinda Veriton

Financial Advisor

Thanks for your time yesterday, as always it was invaluable.  The more I travel down the adviser path, and reflect on my practice within meetings, the more I realise what "gold" you deliver.

Melissa Kehoe

Contact Centre Manager

I am delighted to let you know that I have selected you as my inspiring contemporary leader,  to talk to at my internal (work) leadership session next week!  
You would not recall but you had this profound impact on me when I was going through a tough leadership time during Covid.  You were genuinely interested and empathetic to my situation, and since then I have been following you with interest on linkedin,  and I just love your positive energy, it is infectious!