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Michael McKenna testimonial

Michael Mckenna

General Manager Customer Service

Uniting Care Queensland

Kylie is an incredibly valuable Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Kylie's depth and breadth of experience in financial services and have had the pleasure of working closely with her to develop programs for my team.

Lisa Kay Testimonial

Lisa Kay

General Manager

- Member Services and People

Kylie came into our business like a breath of fresh air and helped us to build a consistent approach to our advice conversation. The framework used is practical and came with on-line learning to assist those that needed to see the practical application many times.

Dianne Smith testimonial

Dianne Smith

Head of Finance Service

Delivery at Griffith University

Kylie's leadership development program has produced outstanding results for my team members. Her training is incredibly practical and paced so that participants have an opportunity to put training into practice before moving onto the next topic. The results have been amazing.

Scott Challen Testimonial

Scott Challen


- THE QHI Group

I have watched Kylies business and career grow from a distance for a number of years. In mid 2021 when I made a move to buy out my business partner I realised that I was about to become the sole owner and CEO of a business that (although profitable and well established) lacked a lot of structure and culture to take

Mick Doyle Testimonial

Mick Doyle

General Manager

Accountplan Group of Companies

In the past our development programs have brought about inconsistent and short term responses, but Kylie has helped us bring about real change.Far from being a generic "off the shelf" product, Kylie developed for us a bespoke program that catered to the different roles and personality

Yusef Kutchyera Testimonial

Yusef Kutchyera

Member Growth Manager


I recently participated in Kylie’s Leadership Excellence Program and genuinely recommend to those looking to solidify their existing leadership skills and onboard new strategies to increase their effectiveness as a leader. The frameworks Kylie teaches are practical and effective, and are perfect for people at all stages

Kate Holt Testimonial

Kate Holt

Head of Member Communications

Brighter Super

I was fortunate enough to be nominated for Kylie’s leadership course. I found the course to be invaluable and relevant and I constantly find myself thinking about and looking back on the tools Kylie provided that I can apply in my role every day. Kylie is an excellent coach. Caring, approachable, honest, supportive,

Fionna Mann Testimonial

Fiona Mann

Head of Listed
Equities & ESG

Brighter Super

Kylie certainly is able to tailor the experience for each individual, whether you are an experienced leader or just starting out. I am constantly surprised at how often I implement her frameworks and it has made a difference in the team productivity and culture! Thank you Kylie!!

Caitlin Scantlebury Testimonial

Caitlin Scantlebury

Head of Risk at

Brighter Super

I recently completed Kylie's Leadership Excellence Program and it was fantastic. I was so excited to discover what this course could offer me, and it did not disappoint. The course content was easy to follow, and the range of tools provided each week is something I refer back to regularly, as a quick reference.

Leah Watt Testimonial

Leah Watt

Deputy CRO & Head of Regulatory Risk


I found the Leadership Excellence Programme to be incredibly valuable. Kylie is an effective and personable coach and facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of art of leadership. In a time of fast paced change for our organisation, Kylie provided actionable frameworks and a chance to reflect on how I could better enable my team to be successful.

Kim Learmonth Testimonial

Kim Learmonth

Manager Risk & Care Assurance

Uniting Care Community

I thoroughly enjoy participating in courses that are professional and relevant such as the courses that Performance Advisory Group offer.
Kylie is professional and caring in her presentations and has adjusted to the new world of COVID that we all have to adapt to now to continue to allow the courses to be of as much benefit as if being presented face to face

Emma Magee Testimonial

Emma Magee

Chief Operating Officer

Xpress Super

Our entire experience with Kylie has been a pleasure. From the second you get started; she ensures you feel supported.
Her personable service and ongoing support has been invaluable. Having a framework to follow has increased the confidence levels of both myself and our team.

Ed Marcus Arguelles Testimonial

Ed Marcus Arguelles

– People & Culture

VA Platinum

Completing one of Kylie's leadership programs has been really enlightening. Kylie works with such a diverse group of leaders, and it was so much fun interacting with such amazing people. My biggest takeaway from all this would be the tools that Kylie shares that ensure

David McKinnis Testimonial

David McKinnis

Managing Director

Profit Improvers Australia

“Kylie is an absolute expert in providing career, business and life changing Leadership and Sales Effectiveness training.As a mentee, Kylie regularly tested her theories and ideas. Her drive and professional output often made me, her mentor, the mentee, as I learned, and often 'plagiarised' her perfectly

Francis Vinod Testimonial

Francis Vinod

Head of Sales

– NSW/QLD, DBA Global Shared Services

Kylie is a fantastic and genuine individual whose passion for helping others achieve their best potential. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs an expert in the areas consulting and coaching.

Tracey Gear Testimonial

Tracey Gear

National Sales Manager


Kylie enlightened me on “How to think differently” in business, guided me to resolve issues within an organisation with different approaches and options. Kylies Leadership course was fun, interactive, intuitive and there were allot of “A HA” moments like turning on the lights of a Christmas tree.

Clancy Birrell Testimonial

Clancy Birrell

Senior Strategic Leader BI & Analytics

Griffith University

My CFO hired Kylie's services for a management training project. It was the best of it's kind that I've been involved with. It covered many areas of team management and coaching. Kylie's facilitation was very professional and well directed. She put us through our paces and held us to account, we sure learned the Courage over comfort credo in practice! I valued this training and recommend it highly.

Jenni Erbel Testimonial

Jenni Erbel


Strategic Oursource Solutions

Kylie Denton is one of the best Leadership and Sales Coaches that I have had the pleasure of working with. We have referred many of our clients to her and all have been pleased with the experience. I highly recommend everyone utilising Kylie for both themselves and staff - it is a very worthwhile investment.

Tom Davies Testimonial

Tom Davies

SMSF Director


Our management team and staff have been working with Kylie for a little over 5 months now and it has been an extremely worthwhile investment to date. We have already seen an increase in engagement among the team and an increase in effectiveness with communications. Kylie has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing our work with her in the future.

Karen La Sala Testimonial

Christine Sanders

Service Leader

Good Shepherd Early Childhood Services

I have recently participated in Kylie’s Leadership Excellence Program. This has not only given me the knowledge needed to develop my skills as a leader but practical strategies to implement to ensure success. The sessions were engaging and allowed for discussion on specific situations that participants raised throughout the program.

Kristina Italiano Testimonial

Kristina Italiano

Capability Coach

Commonwealth Bank

I had the most empowering executive coaching session with Kylie on a topic that I cared deeply about. She helped me reflect on my core values as a leader and coach and took me through some great tools to take away and utilise in coaching sessions of my own. Truly impactful - thanks Kylie

Karen La Sala Testimonial

Karen La Sala

Senior Accounts Payable Officer

Griffith University

As a beginning Leader, the course content was very easy to understand. I loved the learning environment created by Kylie, the sessions were well structured, relevant to my requirements and in an open and friendly atmosphere that made learning fun.I was astounded with how much I learnt over

Hayley Speller Testimonial

Hayley Speller

Senior Financial Analyst

Griffith University

I can’t thank Kylie enough for her Leadership Excellence Program! As a team leader, all course content was directly relevant, and I still refer back to the tips and models often for guidance. Both the group and individual sessions were very interactive and provided a supportive and collaborative

Dali Jovanovic Testimonial

Dali Jovanovic

Service Leader

at St Peters Lutheran Kindergarten Springfield

I was very fortunate to be selected to participate in Kylie's Leadership Program this year. Although I have been in management and leadership roles for over 20 years, I was very excited to participate in this program

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