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Leaders are you Coaching or Telling?

By Kylie Denton | 22/04/2022

I know many managers that find it to tell rather than coach.  However, telling doesn’t really allow the person to grow and learn and think for themselves. However, when we coach, we inspire, teach, grow and empower our people. Often managers tell me they are coaching but when I put them through one of my…

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10 Secrets to Being a Great Communicator

By Kylie Denton | 18/03/2022

Communication is the real work of leadership; you simply can’t become a great leader until you are a great communicator. Nothing happens until something is communicated.  Great communicators inspire people. They create a connection that is real, emotional, and personal. And great communicators forge this connection through an understanding of people and an ability to…

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7 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Change

By Kylie Denton | 14/01/2022

There was some research done by Mount Eliza Business School who found that over 70% of change initiatives failed due to people resistance. Not because they were not good ideas. Not because they were not backed by sound analysis, but because they didn’t bring the people along with them.  As a leader it is critically important that…

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2 Tips for Holding Your People Accountable

By Kylie Denton | 22/10/2021

If you want to become a great coach who is responsible for improving workplace culture and productivity, then there is one model that you need to know.  The GROW model is the best model for coaching leaders who want to coach for performance. GROW stands for…  Goal, Reality, Options, & Will.  This 4-step model allows you to approach coaching in a structured…

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Don’t Give Feedback Before Reading This!

By Kylie Denton | 15/10/2021

For the past few weeks, I have been running a FREE weekly workshop on effective communication in leadership.  Over 200 people have been registering for it so clearly there is a massive need for help in this space, so I wanted to share with you one of the key aspects of great communication.  “Give Feedback often”.  The word feedback can have negative connotations for some people.  As…

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The Secret to Making Change Stick!

By Kylie Denton | 08/10/2021

I made a commitment to my business that I would run a FREE virtual and live workshop weekly on a leadership topic that I know leaders need support in one of those topics is “Leading Change”.  A question I get asked all the time is —-   “How do I get my team to buy into…

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5 Traits every Great Coaching Leader Has!

By Kylie Denton | 01/10/2021

I have been a professional leadership and executive coach for over 12 years and for the last 10 years I have been training leaders on how to become a coaching leader.  A question leaders ask me all the time… “What makes a great coaching leader?”  There are so many things that make a great coaching leader and I wanted to share just…

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Want to know ONE Secret to Great Communication in Leadership?

By Kylie Denton | 24/09/2021

Communication is a skill I have honed all my working career.  Lately, I have even been running an online workshop on the 10 SECRETS TO GREAT COMMUNICATION IN LEADERSHIP. We are getting hundreds of registrations each workshop so clearly others think and know how important it is. Makes sense too,  relationships cannot grow without communication and in leadership we need relationships.  Today, I want to share the first of…

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The 7 Consequences to Poorly Managed Change

By Kylie Denton | 17/09/2021

I made a commitment to my business that I would run a FREE virtual and live workshop weekly on a leadership topic that I know leaders need support in one of those topics is “Leading Change”.  Change is never easy, but poorly managed change can be extremely costly to a business in a multitude of ways.   Every time a change fails,…

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Customer Experience Will Make or Break Your Business

By Kylie Denton | 16/03/2021

At some point in your life, you have probably experienced the disappointment of wanting to purchase a product or service, before giving up or being turned off by poor customer service. Whether the checkout button on the website was broken, preventing you from purchasing, or you had such an unpleasant experience that you decided the…

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