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You can’t grow others if you are not growing yourself. Here’s why.

By Kylie Denton | 25/11/2023

People leadership is not defined by your role or position, it is instead defined by your actions and ability to positively influence others.  

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Do you want to get more out of your staff? Find out how.

By Kylie Denton | 20/11/2023

Every single day I am developing, coaching or training leaders around important leadership tools, models and frameworks they should be using depending on their leadership challenge or opportunity and I wanted to share a model that I am pretty passionate about with you. Are you using a coaching framework to improve your team’s performance? If…

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

By Kylie Denton | 05/10/2023

When I first read 7 Habits, I was amazed at how closely linked the 7 Habits were to successful leadership and leading change. I see many of these habits in great leaders, and if you’re attempting to navigate change within your workplace, they will all play a key role.

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3 Examples of Leaders Making A Difference in the Workplace

By Kylie Denton | 18/09/2023

I see many great leaders who make an enormous impact in their organisation or teams. Often, they excel at doing one or more of the following three things: Leading ThemselvesGreat leaders set expectations with themselves and hold themselves accountable for their actions. John Maxwell is an American author, speaker & world-renowned Leadership Expert. When asked…

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How to Combat Stress & Uncertainty

By Kylie Denton | 13/07/2023

Stress and uncertainty in the workplace often stems from not holding your people accountable. When your people aren’t accountable, performance and care for work suffers, and the flow on effect causes uncertainty and stress in the work environment. The key to avoiding stress and uncertainty is to address the poor performance as soon as possible.…

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How Communication Goes Wrong

By Kylie Denton | 01/06/2023

Unfortunately, communication can go wrong at times. And when we don’t get our message across effectively, it can cause many issues in the workplace. Here are a few reasons why communication can go wrong: 1. If communication is not clear or trusted, things can go wrong. As leaders, it’s important to remember that not everyone…

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Helping People Change Isn’t Hard If You Do This

By Kylie Denton | 03/05/2023

Any successful change begins with the answer to one of the most basic questions about change: Why? It is human nature to want to understand the reasoning behind an action or a required change. The first building block of the Prosci ADKAR Model, awareness, represents this thirst for understanding.  Lack of awareness has been cited…

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8 Critical Coaching Questions

By Kylie Denton | 06/04/2023

The success of a coach comes down to the ability to lean in, listen, and ask great questions. Great questions are often emotional questions, questions that go deeper than just superficial. Here are 8 essential questions that you should have in your “Toolbox of Coaching Questions“: What is it that you want to talk about…

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Mastering Difficult Conversations: Tips for Holding Staff Accountable

By Kylie Denton | 01/03/2023

Holding your people accountable means being brave enough to have some difficult conversations.  While holding employees accountable may sound confrontational, it doesn’t have to be.   Just remember to focus on the performance, not the person. Assume that most people genuinely want to do a good job and aren’t being difficult on purpose.   Start with a…

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The 3-Step Process for Powerful Communication

By Kylie Denton | 27/01/2023

When Covid 19 first hit our shores, I remember the emotions flying with staff, leaders and teams. Many leaders reached out to me asking how to communicate when emotions are high. I developed a short but effective communication model for leaders to use that is still as relevant today as it was 3 years ago.…

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