The Difference Between Good Leaders and Inspirational Leaders

By Kylie Denton / 21/09/2020 /

As a leadership coach, I get to work with leaders every day. Many of the leaders who I work with are at the top of the game, managing teams, getting results and making a difference in this world.  Being a leader is not an easy job at the best of times. Since the impact of COVID-19,…

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5 Ways Leadership Teams Can Improve Communication

By Kylie Denton / 03/08/2020 /

Good communication skills allow managers to perform their roles effectively. In a high-level position, your actions, decisions and communication have an enormous impact on your organisation. Whether you are managing two staff, or 200, the way you operate can impact how productive and profitable your team is. Effective leadership and effective communication are closely intertwined. The…

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6 Strategies High-Performing Leaders are Using Right Now

By Kylie Denton / 15/07/2020 /

There are many different tools out there that service high-performing leaders, such as HBDI, HPET, and DISC. Of course, purchasing them can be an expensive process, so I have put together a list of 6 strategies that you could try first that are extremely effective and could save you both time and money.  I have…

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