Michael Mckenna

Kylie is an incredibly valuable Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Kylie’s depth and breath of experience in financial services, and have had the pleasure of working closely with her to develop programs for my team. Kylie’s leadership capability uplift, sales and service training and her soft […]

The eight keys to successful selling

Sales is, by far, one of the most essential activities in business. A quick Google search will reveal millions of articles on how to become better at sales and while many will promise the “secrets” of sales or the one strategy that will boost your conversions, the truth is, it comes down to consistency, the […]

Five tips for running a successful sales meeting

I know people don’t like to admit they are in sales, but the truth is we all are somehow. If we aren’t selling the benefits of a product and service to our clients and explaining how it meets their needs, we are selling ourselves as the expert they can trust. Most people resist the label […]

Ben Marshall

“Kylie’s Advice Framework has been an excellent learning experience and has proven to be a valuable resource that I can draw on to improve the overall client experience. Not only have my appointment conversion rates significantly improved, I am having much deeper and relevant conversations with clients. I feel as though I am a better […]

Lisa Kay

Kylie came into our business like a breath of fresh air and helped us to build a consistent approach to our advice conversation.  The framework used is practical and came with on-line learning to assist those that needed to see the practical application many times.  Kylie is a master coach and is able to drill […]

Adele Fisk

I found Kylie’s group sessions with our Comprehensive Advisers informative and educational as it gave me an opportunity to step away from my role as a Phone Adviser and experience the skill set that Comprehensive Adviser’s use in their roles.    The frame work also helped me to identify clients additional needs by digging deeper […]

Brendan O’Rourke

I recently decided it was time to look at how I interacted with current and prospective clients. I had previously met Kylie Denton from Performance Advisory Group at a Conference and was impressed with her professional and down to earth presentations.   Kylie can assist in a number of areas, but my interest was in […]