Sales Frameworks And Processes

successful selling

The eight keys to successful selling

By Kylie Denton / 04/04/2019 /

Sales is, by far, one of the most essential activities in business. A quick Google search will reveal millions of articles on how to become better at sales and while many will promise the “secrets” of sales or the one strategy that will boost your conversions, the truth is, it comes down to consistency, the…

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Five tips for running a successful sales meeting

By Kylie Denton / 18/02/2019 /

I know people don’t like to admit they are in sales, but the truth is we all are somehow. If we aren’t selling the benefits of a product and service to our clients and explaining how it meets their needs, we are selling ourselves as the expert they can trust. Most people resist the label…

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referral partners

Are you doing enough with referral partners?

By Kylie Denton / 28/09/2018 /

Throughout my coaching, I often work with clients who have a team of financial planners. Within that team, you will have those that get a massive amount of referrals while others get next to none. What is the difference between them? Are you doing enough with referral partners? Back when I was an adviser, I worked…

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How to have the price conversation with clients

By Kylie Denton / 28/08/2018 /

Why is it that some planners get so worried when it comes to discussing the price of a financial plan?  Perhaps you have experienced it yourself, where you have shied away from talking about price with your clients? Each week I get the opportunity to observe financial planners in meetings with their clients. Some are…

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Asking Questions

Are The Questions You’re Asking Stopping You?

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

Are the questions you’re asking – or not asking – stopping you from uncovering more client needs? I get to observe Financial Planners conduct interviews each week and find the questions you ask clients not only tell you a lot about them, but they also tell your client a lot about you. I always find it…

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Case Study – Glenn Browne Head of Advice

The 1-Hour Client Appointment

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

Are you spending more than 1 hour in client appointments? In this day and age, our natural state is busy. But being busy doesn’t mean we are productive. As a financial planner, spending too much time in appointments will have a negative flow on effect, leaving limited time for the activities that will make a difference…

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Practice Development Manager

The Many Ways To Cross-Sell And Up-Sell

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

One of the fastest ways to make more sales is to get your existing clients to spend more with you. Knowing firsthand what it’s like to do business with you, your existing clients are not only easier to convert, they don’t require any additional spend to reach them. Cross-sell and Up-sell your way to success.…

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Increasing Conversions

Tips For Increasing Conversions

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

We’re officially over half way! I hope you’ve been enjoying the 6 keys to high performance financial services email series so far. Now onto Key #4 – increasing conversions. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how many leads you are getting or meetings you are having, if you aren’t converting sales, you are wasting your…

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Consistent Client Experiences

Creating Consistent Client Experiences

By Kylie Denton / 02/05/2018 /

Did you know that on average, a client will tell less than ten people about a great customer experience but more than 20 people about a bad one? How do you ensure consistent client experiences? Your clients need to know that you value them enough to do what you have promised and can provide them…

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How to ask better questions

How to ask better questions to get better answers

By Kylie Denton / 13/08/2015 /

There is power in asking questions. The right questions can help you get to the bottom of the issue, uncover motives, stop conflict, build trust, break down walls and even influence others to see your point of view. But how do you ask the right questions? Particularly in scenarios where people may be reluctant to…

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