Creating Consistent Client Experiences

Did you know that on average, a client will tell less than ten people about a great customer experience but more than 20 people about a bad one? How do you ensure consistent client experiences?

Your clients need to know that you value them enough to do what you have promised and can provide them with the same great service every time they do business with you.

Consistency is a powerful sales tool, particularly when you consider that competition has never been greater and clients have never been more empowered. In the financial services industry, you often can’t differentiate by what you do, but you can certainly differentiate by how and why you do it.

I’m often asked to help companies provide a consistent customer experience…WHY? Because consistency really does make a big difference, not to just your clients but your brand as well. Creating consistent client experiences can both make and save you money, so if you haven’t yet invested in a sales and service framework that helps you create more consistency across your business, here is why you need to.

Consistency builds trust and confidence

It’s only natural that a client’s trust and confidence will increase if you provide a consistent level of service and maintain consistent client experiences.

Think of the people and brands you trust in your life; you trust them because they are reliable; they have proven over time to be consistent in their behaviour and attitude towards you. Your clients want and expect the same from you. There is nothing more trustworthy than consistency, and this trust is instrumental in forging a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your clients.

Consistency meets expectations

Customers value consistency in service because they base expectations on past experiences. By providing great customer experiences consistently, you continually meet, if not exceed your clients’ expectations, ensuring greater client satisfaction. Greater client satisfaction also has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Consistency shows you care

Consistency shows clients how much you care and value them. You are making promises and keeping them. You are hearing them and coming through for them. Clients want to know that their problems and their goals mean something to you and that you are genuinely interested in their goals and happiness.

People prioritise those people that make them a priority, so you too are rewarded through this process. If clients know you care about them, they are more likely to trust your recommendations, take your recommendations and remain loyal.

Consistency generates more referrals

When people are confident that you are consistent in your service, they are more comfortable to refer you to family, friends and associates. Every time someone refers a person to you, they put their reputation on the line. By giving consistent service, consistent experiences and consistent results, you show your clients that you are worthy of their trust and referrals.

Key #3 will help you create more consistent client experiences AND prioritise what is most important. Can you guess what it is? Time management!

In the meantime, what steps can you take this week to create more consistent client experiences?

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If you or your business are looking to create a consistent meaningful client experience, please contact us at Performance Advisory Group.

Have a great week!

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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