Are you getting the financial planning training you really need?

When I was 13 years old my father passed away from bowel cancer. Thankfully he was smart enough to take out life insurance, because without it, life would have been a lot different for me and my seven brothers and sisters. While it didn’t make us millionaires, it did allow us to stay in the house our father built for us and it gave our mother the space to grieve. Here we discuss financial planning training and getting it right.

I will always be grateful for the financial adviser that recommended my dad take out insurance; in fact it’s the reason why I am writing this blog now. As soon as I could get a job in financial services, I did, and I made it my mission to help as many people as I could to have the future that I believe every Australian deserves.

That was more than 26 years ago, and I’m still just as passionate about my mission today. The only difference is that now I help train and coach the financial planners and advisers who help people all over Australia have the future they dreamed of and hoped for.

Financial Planning Training – Getting It Right

Lately, I’ve noticed something. When talking to financial planners about the training they receive or give to their team, it often happens without their input and at specific times throughout the year in a formal professional development setting such as a PD day or conference.

What’s more, the training is often around compliance, new products or services offered or changes to the industry.

While this is necessary, there is a distinct lack in one area of training – soft skills. The training that helps advisers to:

  • Understand their value proposition
  • Help them set the scene in appointments using a structured agenda statement
  • Ask the right questions that are broad and deep enough
  • Have more meaningful conversations with clients
  • Tailor the benefits of a particular strategy to a client’s needs and show them the benefits
  • Overcome objections
  • Establish the need from ongoing reviews
  • Demonstrate their value to keep clients coming back year after year

Yet these are the skills that are critical if you want a high performing team and lifelong clients.

So I ask you, are you getting the financial planning training you need in the most crucial areas? What about your team? Are they getting the support and coaching they need to go from good to great?

Need help developing the right balance of training for your financial planners? At Performance Advisory Group we can help you drive effectiveness and results for all concerned – your clients, your people and your business.

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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