Nine things successful people do after holidays (to get back in the swing of things)

Coming back to work after holidays is hard, I get it – and I feel it! Gone are the long days relaxing by the pool, or lounging around with friends and family as we escape the usual crazy schedule of our day-to-day lives.

But the transition back to work doesn’t need to be too hard if you put a plan in place. Repeat after me, “I will be fine, I just need to get through these first couple of weeks back and then I’ll be back to my usual productive self”. To help you, here are some tips to make the transition to work easier after escaping reality.

1. Start a day earlier

Now, I don’t mean to go back to work a day earlier! Just get organised a day earlier. Do your laundry, get your lunches and snacks together, get the kids bags, clothes and lunches sorted and prepare anything else you can that will make your morning easy and stress-free.

2. Catch up with colleagues

Before diving into all of your emails and work, speak to your colleagues ask them how things were while you were gone. Did anything significant happen that you need to know about?

3. Clean up and organise your inbox

Now you will no doubt have lots of emails to catch up on. But as you are going through them ask yourself, “Do I need to read them all now?” (Well, mine you do!) Also, don’t get stuck in the trap of reading them in chronological order (oldest first). Instead sort them by sender or subject, as this will help you determine their level of importance faster.

4. Review your calendar

This step can get some in the mind frame of, “why did I even bother going on holidays, I have so much to do!” And I get it; we’re all busy. But if you have an understanding of what is happening and coming up then you can start to get your head around any thoughts you may have on the subject of the meeting and how your day and week needs to be planned.

5. Make a list and prioritise

Write down everything you have to do – but don’t let yourself get stuck in overwhelm. Highlight what needs to be done this week and then break it down further into what must be done today. But don’t create an impossible list, have your core tasks and then a ‘would be nice to-do list’. Remember to do one task at a time; multi-tasking isn’t good for your brain or stress levels.

6. Remove distractions

Close down social media each day at work for at least a week. It’s not fun knowing that others are still on holidays while you aren’t.

7. Check in with your customers and prospects

Give it a couple of days but take the time to connect with your clients and prospects and let them know you’re back. It’s a simple customer service technique that can make a big impression. And don’t forget to ask about their holidays, it’s an excellent opportunity to build rapport!

8. Look after yourself

You might be tempted to go crazy and work insane hours to catch up – after all, you did take a holiday! But this approach will have its own set of consequences, and you will more than likely get tired and sick, and your efforts will be counterproductive. Follow the steps above, and you will get all the things you need to get done in a realistic timeframe.

9. Finally – book your next holiday

If anything will help it’s the fact that you know you have another one coming up soon!

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