Do you know what your True Conversion rate is?

Do you know what your TRUE conversion rate is?

I often ask this of financial advisers I work with and they usually come back with a confident answer of “I convert 80-90% of my sales meetings”.  But when we plug the real figures into a calculator the reality is, it’s a lot closer to 40-50% and I’ve seen some as low at 25%.

It never surprises me that conversion rates are inflated, but by doing so, we can miss key opportunities to improve our sales ability, simply by unconsciously deceiving ourselves that we are good at sales and don’t need any help.

Low conversions really impact your business, your time, your energy and most importantly your revenue.

This is an area I spend a lot of time on with financial planning businesses to give them clarity on where their conversion rates really sit.  As your ability to convert is critical to your success as a financial advisor, I want to give you the opportunity to get more help around this area – with no cost or obligation.

For the first 10 people to email I will give you a FREE 30-minute sales diagnostic that will reveal your true conversion rate and discuss ways to increase it. 

The results will surprise you!

I look forward to helping you unlock your full sales potential.

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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