Preparing for your client meeting

While we have discussed the importance of frameworks when it comes to sales and service success, it’s important to also focus on the human element on your client meetings.

These face-to-face interactions are incredibly valuable to clients and are the key to building lasting relationships. Though in order to have productive and meaningful meetings with your clients you need to spend time in preparation.

You may have heard Benjamin Franklin’s quote – by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Being prepared allows you to be set up to meet and exceed your client’s expectations.

So how do you prepare adequately for each client meeting? Here is a checklist you can use going forward.

• Research the client – read their file and look for something that will help you form a connection and build rapport (mark up certain areas that you may wish to discuss in further detail)

• Have your resources ready – have your client’s file, appropriate documentation, any sales aids you need, a clean or prepared whiteboard and whiteboard markers that work all at the ready

• Double check the details – make sure you have all the client details you need as this may impact the questions you ask

• Have an agenda – prepare some questions

• Keep it clean – have your desk and office space clean and professional

• Honour their time – be early and be present

• Dress to impress – be clean and well dressed

• Cater for their needs – have water for your client and yourself and also have tissues (yes some client’s will cry)

• Bring your confidence – appear confident it is the key to building trust and credibility with clients

Kylie Denton is a highly experienced Organisational and Leadership coach, with a background in financial services and psychology. Known for her ability to create sales and service frameworks that achieve consistent sales and build rapid trust with customers, and a proven track record of developing current and future leaders and financial planners, Kylie has helped businesses both large and small boost productivity, performance and profitability over the last 11 years. When Kylie shares tips, strategies and behavioural modification through her blog, you can rest assured it is based on substance, not conjecture.

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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