Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#5 Identify Areas for Improvement


In every business there is always the opportunity to improve somewhere, I bet if you looked at your own business, team or department there would be at least two areas you could work on over the next three, six and twelve months. It could be increase performance amongst the team, leadership and coaching capability or training.

What about the not so obvious areas? How do you find where you could improve, or fix the hidden inefficiencies and team issues you don’t know are costing your business time, money and resources?

Industry Specific Coaches

The answer is a coach, but not just any coach, an industry specific coach. Someone who has been there before you, worked in your industry, walked in your shoes and made the mistakes, learnt the lessons, faced the challenges and found the solutions so you don’t have to.

While a lot of coaches can give you great business and leadership advice that you can use across multiple industries, there is a real difference when you are talking to someone who knows your industry well.

Imagine having the answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask yet, or immediate access to systems, sales strategies and a financial planning framework that would have cost you thousands of dollars and years of trial and error to find out?

That is where I come in. Sure I could teach this to any industry, but I choose to specialise in the financial industry because it is where I can provide my specialist knowledge to give you the biggest impact.

Work Smarter

o if your business is not growing as quickly as you would like, you feel like something is holding you, your team or your leaders back or you understand the value of working smarter, not harder, then let’s chat.

I’d love to share everything I have learnt to make your business and leadership journey easier and your success to come all the more quicker. Call me today on 0409 129 723 to start with your free 30 minute strategy session and lets see where it goes.

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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