Is trust more important than value?

Is trust more important than value?

As you are well aware, the royal commission has put our industry under the microscope. As a result, our conversations with clients are going to get harder, and that’s a challenge all advisers need to be prepared for.

In my business, I often find that financial planners believe that clients know the benefits of having a financial adviser and that their clients trust them, so little time is spent articulating their value and point of difference. However, now that the Royal Commission has put us under the spotlight, proving your value and showing that you are a trusted adviser is critical for new business and retention.

The consequences of this can be far reaching. Not only does it impact the level of trust and confidence a client has in you, but it can also reduce sales conversions and result in missed opportunities to upsell and cross-sell other services.

I will be running a webinar over the next few weeks to help advisers deal with these critical conversations. Spots will be limited so if you are interested in attending; please contact us on the button below.

Are you communicating your value as a trusted adviser?

A sales and service framework ensures that your client communication is clear, consistent and value-driven.

In our Ignite online program, we give you access to a PROVEN sales and service framework that will provide you with the right questions to ask, help you identify your point of difference and provide a clear process around communicating your value.

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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