What is teamwork – and the four crucial reasons to build it

Having a great team is one thing; having great team work together is another. A team that works together and supports each other is one hell of a feeling to be a part of.

Here are four reasons you need to strengthen the teamwork in your company.

Teamwork fosters collaboration and unity.

Gone are the days where we can afford our team to work in silos. A collaborative work environment is what improves efficiency and encourages greater problem-solving and creativity.

It also creates a unified team, which improves your work environment, increases communication and ensures clients have deeper, more meaningful conversations. By working together, teams can find solutions that work.

Teamwork strengthens capability and learning.

Different team members have different strengths, weaknesses, experiences and opinions. This diversity of thought, combined with differing perspectives, ideas and approaches, are what creates improvement and learning through your organisation.

The exchange of ideas, client approaches, processes and experiences in handling different problems, objections or situations, allows us to learn from each other, fill knowledge gaps and counteract each other’s weaknesses to create a stronger, more capable and more client-driven financial services business.

Teamwork minimises mistakes and risk.

Teamwork is supportive. It creates an environment where mistakes are minimised, problems are shared, deadlines are met, advice is of a high standard and clients remain satisfied.

It creates a culture that when one team member is overrun or sick, others pick up the load. Tasks get done faster, making the overall business operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Teamwork is a better way to work!

Perhaps the best part about teamwork though is that it creates a great place to work. Teamwork builds morale. When teamwork is high, you feel that your work and opinions are valued, and you have more confidence in speaking up about your ideas and owning up to your mistakes.

The strong sense of belonging fostered through your organisation inspires loyalty and deeper relationships and trust between your team members, which builds a stronger and more resilient team.

Need to build teamwork in your organisation?

Kylie Denton is a professionally qualified Executive, Leadership, Group and Team Coach with a strong background in Financial Services, Aged Care, NFP and Psychology.

With over 25 years’ experience in large corporates, Kylie has held several leadership and management roles with organisations including Suncorp, Citibank and NAB.

Kylie’s expertise includes consulting, executive and leadership coaching, team and group coaching, and sales coaching.

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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