Urgency keeps people from thinking clearly

I was in a coaching session this week and I was working with a senior leader; he was telling me that his boss always wants everything urgently.  I wondered if it was him thinking it was urgent or if it really was urgent. 

Sometimes I think we assume it’s urgent because the boss asked but if we don’t ask for context and timing then we are just doing without thinking…. 

I remember a great book that I have read “Time to Think” by Nancy Kline.  She says when everything is urgent is keeps people from thinking clearly. 

When we are always rushing, doing, stressed or seeing everything as urgent then often we are just  doing without thinking. 

Are you someone that feels like life is just a constant merry go round – if so then your job this week is to “GO SLOW TO GO FAST”….. When people want something from you, ask for context and ask for timing.  When we give ourselves time to think we have better ideas, better solutions and better time management.

I would love to hear how you went… 

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Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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