Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #1 Developing Leadership Style

Leadership Style

As a leader you have enormous impact in your organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you manage two or 2,000 staff, your actions, decisions and leadership style can directly impact the productivity, profitability and performance of your team and business.

While being a leader can be an incredibly rewarding it can also be overwhelming, challenging and stressful. In order to develop a high performing team and increase the success of your business you need to be more than a good leader; you need to be a great leader.

But where do you start and how can you ensure your team is also on board? This is where a coach can assist, to help you navigate the way through, handle any unforeseen roadblocks, clarify your goals, determine the best course of action and be there right beside you keeping you accountable to achieving your goals.

Become A Better Leader

Let me tell you about a client who wanted to become a better leader – let’s call him John. John owns his own company, he knew he had a good team but he felt that he wasn’t doing enough to develop and support them on their career journey or to build up their skills in their role.

Working alongside John, we identified that his desire wasn’t just about getting better business results or retain his staff, it was about the type of leader he wanted to be and the impact he could have.

John wanted to help his staff be the best they could be, he wanted to help them succeed and achieve their own goals. He realised that leadership wasn’t just about getting results; it was about helping the people he led to be the best they can be, influencing them to achieve their goals and if he could do that he knew the results would come.

The first step he felt was to develop his coaching skills. This allowed John to be the positive and supportive influence his staff needed. It also allowed him to help staff members set goals and maintain accountability.

As John’s coach we meet regularly, so when I checked in last month we spoke about where he at with his goal to develop his coaching skills and staff.

Greater Understanding

He happily told me that all of his staff were engaged, committed and felt they knew their role and growth path in the business. They also had a greater understanding of the business direction and were consistently meeting their goals – and as a result so was the business.

Over our time coaching together John has not only developed a strong cohesive team, his business is also experiencing steady growth and an increase in profitability.

Does that mean we now stop the coaching? Not at all, there is so much to be covered when it comes to leadership this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what about you? When you think of your leadership ability, what changes and developments do you want to create this year? What goals have you set for you and your team? Need a helping hand to get started or motivation to keep going? Call me today on 0409 129 723 for your free 30-minute business coaching session or fill in the contact form.

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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