Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #2 Increase Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

This is the second article in the series Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders.
As a leader you have control over the direction of your team, business or division but how fast and effectively you get there, is controlled by your individual team members.

When engagement and work satisfaction is high, your productivity, performance and profit is also high. When staff engagement is low, it’s not just your productivity, performance and profit that suffer. Your team’s morale also decreases while your staff turnover and workplace conflict increases.

This situation can rapidly deteriorate and end up costing you and the business dearly. While engagement is key for building a high performing team and business, engaging them isn’t always easy.


This is where a coach with an independent and impartial viewpoint can help. Whether it is mentoring you with their own experiences to give you fresh ideas and approaches or work through your ideas and bring them to fruition.

Listening to challenges and facilitating solutions, a coach is able to help you achieve your results, keep you accountable – and in many cases exceed them.

So let’s go back to John’s story from (you can catch up on John’s story here Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders | #1 Developing Leadership Style). He was recently promoted to lead a new team. He wanted to get off on the right foot, so he engaged me to help him work through his concerns and challenges to help hone his leadership style and approach. This helped him get clarity around his own thoughts, goals and vision that he had for his team.

Success Factors

We talked about what success would look like, feel like and sound like. This was an invaluable process for John, because he knew from the beginning he wanted to engage his team and encourage buy-in to achieve the results he wanted. What’s more, he now had a measurable plan that allowed him to see if his leadership and team were on track.

I now know John will be a great leader and will go on to exceed his own goals and those of the business. Why? Because not only is he committed to his team and company, he had the wisdom to recognise that one, he needed help, and two, the importance of gaining clarity around his goals and plans and how to go forth with them.

In order to keep your staff engaged, motivated and accountable you need to be communicating your vision clearly, strongly and regularly. Are you?

If you are finding yourself in a situation where you need some help or guidance in engaging your team or clarifying your goals and plans, then give me a call on 0409 129 723 (or fill in the contact form here). I’d love to show you how to not only meet your goals, but also exceed them.

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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