Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#3 Become a Coaching Leader

Coaching Leader

When we think of a leader, we often think about the position and the authority that comes with it. We see a leader as the decision maker; the person who delegates tasks and sets the vision, who closes deals and moves others to act. The one who leads the team and ensures the team follows.

While a good leader certainly embodies all of these attributes, a great leader has something more. They take on the role of a coach.

They are inclusive and go out of their way to make every team member feel valued. They actively look to develop their teams strengths and skills, and ensure they are happy and well utilised. They understand that winning is a team effort and a team achievement, and that it requires everyone to be at their best – so they inspire the team to be their best.


Their team is different too. They are productive, high performing and are normally kicking some serious goals. And despite being lower than their leader in the organisational hierarchy, they are never made to feel lower.

To further draw the distinction let’s look at it in terms of a sports coach. A coach is there to help their athletes achieve their goal. It could be a medal, championship, series or title. Besides giving them tasks, exercises and drills to hone their skills, they also motivate, encourage and inspire the best in each person and make sure each person is playing in the right position – because if one person is not at their best, the whole team is not at their best.

While most organisations want this same high performing, collaborative, and cohesive team, most leaders who don’t ‘coach’ struggle to create one, and find something missing – the ability to inspire the best from their team.


As a coach you move to a position of influence instead of intimidation. You gain trust and as a result your team become more willing to please you and surprise you. By taking an interest in what is important to them, and inspiring and motivating them personally, you create a much deeper level of accountability.

But how do you go from leader to coach you might ask? Learn from someone who does it daily.

I will share my expertise, experience, tricks and tactics to help you become the leader you aspire to be. So if you want to bring out the best in your team and create a sense of ownership and accountability that you feel is lacking, then perhaps it’s time to take on a ‘coach’ role with your team. Not sure where to start? Call me today on 0409 129 723 or fill in the contact form.

Kylie Denton

Kylie Denton

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