How to know when to intervene as a leader

By Kylie Denton / 21/06/2016 /

When problems and issues arise within your business, they can have the ability to dramatically affect the productivity performance and profitability of your organisation. But as a leader, not all situations need your attention. In fact, it can be far better for your team, culture and business if you don’t intervene or micro-manage every individual…

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Find Your Why

Four questions to help you find your ‘why’

By Kylie Denton / 23/04/2016 /

“He who has a why can endure any how.” – Frederick Nietzsche Most companies can answer the question “What do you do?” with ease, but it becomes a lot more difficult when asked, “Why?” Think about it, if someone were to ask you right now why you do what you do, would you be able…

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increase client satisfaction

Three ways to increase client satisfaction and engagement

By Kylie Denton / 25/02/2016 /

With business becoming increasingly competitive, the need to reduce costs and become more effective and efficient is at an all time high. But too often this shift in focus from serving clients, to operating more efficiently can result in unmet customer needs and a lack of trust, leading to a reduction in client engagement and…

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get to know your team

Four tips to help you get to know your team

By Kylie Denton / 21/01/2016 /

I have seen many leaders become so focused on achieving their goal that they forget to consider who they are leading – and the best way to lead them. With the facts, figures and deadlines we use for planning and decision making keeping us focused on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ we do things on…

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Four ways to create a culture of responsibility in your team

By Kylie Denton / 10/12/2015 /

Responsibility Despite coaching many different businesses at many different stages of operation, there is one question that stays the same, “How do I get my team to be more responsible?” It can be tempting to point the finger at the team here, and I’ll admit I normally get a list of why certain team members…

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Five Ways a Coach Can Help Leaders |#5 Identify Areas for Improvement

By Kylie Denton / 23/07/2015 /

Improvement In every business there is always the opportunity to improve somewhere, I bet if you looked at your own business, team or department there would be at least two areas you could work on over the next three, six and twelve months. It could be increase performance amongst the team, leadership and coaching capability or…

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Five Ways To Energise Your Team

By Kylie Denton / 26/03/2015 /

Have you ever walked into an office and felt the energy of a team that are happy, passionate and collaborative? It feels different, looks different and sounds different. You just want to stay there and have whatever they are having! In my last blog I talked about how to increase your energy this blog is…

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